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The contents of the present promotional campaign represent solely the opinion of the author who is exclusively responsible for it. The European Commission assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the use made of the information contained herein.

1. Ownership, is an Internet domain name owned by the CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LAS DENOMINACIONES DE ORIGEN “JEREZ-XÉRÈSSHERRY”, “MANZANILLA-SANLÚCAR DE BARRAMEDA” Y “VINAGRE DE JEREZ” whose tax identification number is Q117102G and domiciled at Avenida Alcalde Álvaro Domecq, 2, 11402 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), SPAIN, (hereafter, the Owner).

CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LAS DENOMINACIONES DE ORIGEN "JEREZ-XÉRÈSSHERRY", "MANZANILLA-SANLÚCAR DE BARRAMEDA" Y "VINAGRE DE JEREZ" is a registered corporate entity under Public Law that represents the private interests of all the winegrowers and wineries registered with the entity and, likewise, acts upon the request of the Administration in several areas directly related to the management and supervision of the appellation itself. In terms of exercising certain public functions, the Council acts as an external body of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalusia’s regional government, the Junta de Andalucía.

2. General Conditions of Use

This Website is solely designed for use by persons of legal age and/or who are legally permitted to consume or purchase alcoholic beverages in their country of residence or in the country from which access to the Website is made. If the user is not of legal age, he/she is in violation of the laws and regulations applicable in his/her country of residence or country from which access is being made and should, therefore, abandon the Website immediately

By accessing this Website, the User declares to accept the present Legal Notice with all its General Conditions of Use. In all cases, this Legal Notice is of a binding and mandatory nature and anyone who does not consent to its conditions must refrain from using this Website and/or services offered by the Owner on said Website. These General Conditions of Use do not establish any company, mandate, franchise, labour or contractual relationship between the Owner and the Users.

The present Legal Notice, which governs the use of this Website, is made available by the Owner to all those who access the Website with the aim of providing them with information about products and services, either proprietary and/or of third parties, granting them access and to contract said products and services.

3. Norms and Regulations

The present Legal Notice is subject to the provisions of Spanish Law, namely Organic Law 3/2018, regarding Personal Data Protection and the guarantee of digital rights, passed on December 5, 2018, EU Regulation 2016/679 passed by the European Parliament and the European Council on 27 April 2016, regarding the protection of physical persons, the treatment of their personal data and the free circulation of this data, derogating Directive 95/46/CE (General Regulation on Data Protection), Act 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding Service Provision by the Information Society and Electronic Commerce; Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, of 30 March, transposing EU Directives on internal markets for gas, electricity and electronic communications, adopting measures to correct deviations caused by misaligned costs and revenues in the electric and gas industries, as well as any later regulations that modify them or cause these misalignments to occur.

The access and use of any information or content appearing on this Website, property of the Owner, shall be the sole responsibility of the User. Website access conditions shall be subject to current legislation and based on the principles of good faith and lawful use of the Website by the User.Any action that may be considered detrimental to the Owner is expressly prohibited. The use of this Website for illegal or unauthorised purposes is strictly forbidden.

4. Alteration of the General Conditions of Use

The Owner reserves the right to modify, at any given time, the presentation and layout of the Website, as well as the contents of this Legal Notice. Hence, the Owner recommends the User to read it carefully each time he/she accesses the Website. The Legal Notice will always be placed in a visible place, freely accessible for the User to consult as often as desired.

5. Description of Services, is the official Website of the Owner and serves as a tool to access information about services offered.

6. Registration

Access to the Sherry Academy training courses requires the User to register beforehand. The User’s identity is determined by his/her email address and a password which must be comprised of at least 10 characters, including a minimum of one upper case letter, one lower case letter, a number, and a symbol.

The personal identifier and password are for individual use and are nontransferrable. It is strictly forbidden to lend, even temporarily, these identifiers to third parties. In this regard, the User commits to the diligent and confidential use of these identifiers, assuming all responsibility for the consequences that arise from revealing them to third parties. Should the User suspect or know that his/her password is being used by a third party, it should be notified immediately.

The Owner may interrupt or suspend service to any User who is making unethical, offensive, illegal or improper use of the contents or services of this Website and/or any usage that is contrary to the interests of the Owner. The Owner also reserves the right to reject any request for registration or cancel a previously accepted registration, without obligation to communicate or provide reasons for the decision taken, from which no right to compensation or redress will arise

7. Termination

The Owner retains the right to interrupt or terminate the Website or any of the services it offers therein at any given time, without prior notice, due to reasons of a technical or any other nature and may unilaterally modify the conditions of access to the Website and all or part of the contents included therein without prejudice to the rights acquired at the time.


The hyperlinks found on this Website may redirect the User to third-party websites. The Owner assumes no responsibility for the content, information or services that may appear on said websites, considered to be for informative purposes only and does not, by any means, imply any relationship between the Owner and the individuals or entities that own the content of these third-party websites.

The Owner shall, under no circumstance, be held liable for any type of damage caused by Users to the present Website, or any other, caused by the unlawful or incorrect use of the Website, including any part of its contents or information made available and provided therein

The Owner shall not be liable for any infractions committed by Users of its Website that affect third parties.

The Owner is not held liable for the proper and reliable functioning, availability or continuity of this Website or its Services. To this effect, the use of the Website by the User is done entirely on his/her own account, assuming all risks which, at no time, can give rise to liability claims to the Owner.

The Owner shall not be held liable for cases in which interruption of service occurs or for delays, errors or poor performance of the Website and in general, any other inconvenience whose origin is beyond the Owner´s control, and/or due to the User´s negligence or wilful misconduct and/or due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 1105 of the Spanish Civil Code, incidents beyond the Owner´s control shall be considered force majeure and for the purpose of defining the present Legal Notice, shall include all events beyond the Owner’s control, such as: third party, operator or service provider errors, government action, failure to access third party networks, acts or omissions on the part of public authorities or any other caused by the forces of nature involving power outages, etc. and also attacks by hackers or third parties specialised in computer system security and integrity, provided that the Owner has adopted the reasonable safety measures in line with state-of-the-art technology. In any case, regardless of the cause, the Owner shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, consequential damages and/or loss of earnings incurred by Users.

Insofar as possible, the Owner shall attempt to update or revise any information displayed on the Website that does not meet the minimum guarantees for veracity. Nonetheless, please be aware that unintentional errors may appear, and the User is free to contrast the information contained herein.

The Owner shall not be considered responsible for the use of this Website by external individuals or references that may appear on external websites.

9. Compensation

The Users shall maintain the Owner free from any claim or complaint filed by third parties regarding the activities promoted on the Website or due to breach of this Legal Notice and any other policies considered to be part of this document or due to the violation of any laws or rights committed by third parties.

10. Null and Void Clauses

Should any of the clauses contained within this Legal Notice or in any of the legal and informative texts on the Website be declared totally or partially null and void, this condition shall only apply to said provision, or the part which is considered null and void. All of the remaining General Conditions of Use shall prevail with only the affected provision or part of the provision, not included.

11. Notifications

All notices, summons, requests and any other type of communication that must be carried out between the parties relating to the present Legal Notice or any other text of a legal and informative nature, must be done so in writing and is considered to be duly received only when delivered in person or by regular postal service to the address of the other party or sent to their email address or any other postal or email address mutually provided by each party.

12. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual property rights of this Website, its source code, design, browsing structures and the various elements contained herein belong exclusively to the Owner, to whom the right to use in any manner corresponds and, in particular, the rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly disclose and modify, in accordance with current legislation in Spain and the European Union.

The total or partial reproduction of the content of this Website is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Owner. Any unauthorised use of this content by any individual, company or entity shall lead to liability claims as established by law.

Any form of use, including reproduction, distribution, third party disclosure, public communication and transformation of this Website´s content is strictly prohibited, regardless of the media or device used, as is the use of any creative or distinctive symbols, without prior authorisation and explicit consent of the respective owners. Breach of this prohibition shall constitute a punishable offence in accordance with current legislation in force.

It is prohibited, unless explicitly authorised by the Owner, to present this Website or any of the information contained herein in frames, distinctive symbols, brand names, social or commercial trade names belonging to other individuals, companies or entities and, in particular, the use of photographic content which is considered the exclusive property of the Owner.

Infringement of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of the present General Conditions of Use as well as a punishable offence in accordance with Articles 270 et seq. of the Spanish Criminal Code.

Any User who submits remarks, opinions or comments to the Website via email or by any other means provided for, within the services available, hereby authorises the Owner to reproduce, distribute, publicly disclose, transform and exercise any legal rights to use said remarks, opinions or comments throughout the legally established period of copyright, without any territorial restrictions. Likewise, it is understood that this authorisation is given free of charge.

The Owner states that it shall not be held responsible for any comments or contributions by third parties that appear on the Website or any links to external websites. In no case shall said comments be considered those of the Owner, who reserves the exclusive right to eliminate them if considered inappropriate or contrary to the Owner´s interests or those of third parties, according to the Owner´s criteria.

The Owner assumes no responsibility for the use of services by Users of the Website or any material that he/she may include on the present Website which could infringe upon the intellectual or industrial property rights, personal data protection rights or any other third-party rights.

13. Jurisdiction

As regards any and all issues which may arise regarding the interpretation, application and compliance with this Legal Notice, as well as any claims that may result from their use, all parties involved agree to submit to the Judges and Courts of Law they correspond to, according to legal jurisdiction.

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