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We use our own and third-party cookies as a way to improve the services we offer and to show you publicity items that are related to your preferences through the analysis of your browsing habits. If you continue browsing this Website, it will be taken as acceptance of our use of cookies.

This website is optimised for the latest generation of browsers. You may download these free of charge. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.


A cookie is a small text-based file that is imperceptibly generated in the user’s device (PC, smartphone, tablet or any other similar device) when accessing the present website (hereafter, the Website). Cookies store and recover information about browsing that occurs from said device.

Cookies allow us to know certain information such as, for example, the date and time the user visited the Website, the design and type of content the user chose to view during the last visit, his/her preferences or the security elements that are involved in controlling accessed to restricted areas of the Website

There is more information available about cookies here.

Any user who does not wish to receive cookies or who wishes to be informed before cookies are stored on his/her device, can adjust the setting on his/her device to that effect. Most browsers allow cookies to be managed in three different ways: (i) to never accept cookies; (ii) the browser asks the user, for each cookie, if it should be accepted; or (iii) cookies are always accepted.

The browser may also provide you the option to specify which cookies will be accepted and which will not. In other words, the user may decide to choose one of the following options; (i) reject cookies from certain domains; (ii) reject thirdparty cookies; accept non-persistent cookies (that are eliminated when the user closes the browser); or (iii) allow the server to create cookies for a different domain. In addition, your browser may allow the user to view and delete cookies in an individual manner.

The following is a list of the main cookies used.

Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you abandon the Website. Therefore, session cookies are not recorded on users’ hard drive. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyse traffic patterns on the Website. In the long term, this allows us to provide a better user experience and improve the content on the Website and facilitate its usage.

Permanent cookies: These are cookies that are stored on the device’s hard drive and the web detects them each time the user returns to the Website. A permanent cookie has a predetermined expiration date. Therefore, the cookie will cease to function after that date. These cookies are generally used to facilitate registration services, for example.

Technical cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. For instance, they are needed for proper browsing or for ensuring that the contents of the Website upload onto the page correctly

Third-party cookies: These cookies are used, for example, by social media sites or by external complementary content sites such as Google Maps.

Analytical cookies: These are cookies that gather statistical and behavioural data regarding the user’s browsing activity.


The present Website may use, at any given time, the following own and third-party cookies:

Cookie Type Purpose Time limit
device_view Technical Helps us to detect the user’s electronic device in order to improve the viewing quality of the Website. 30 days
PHPSESSID Technical Stores the user’s identifier. Session
REMEMBER ME Technical Allows storage of session access data for 4 hours. 4 hours
_g* Analytical Allows Google Analytics service to gather anonymous statistics regarding the use of our Website. Persistent

For the first minute, no data will be gathered regarding browsing behaviour. Once this first minute has lapsed, it is understood that the user accepts these terms as he/she has remained connected to the Website.

It is possible that, upon visiting a Website, an advertisement or promotional offer may appear about our products and services or that a cookie may be installed on the browser which allows us to develop control over our advertisements regarding, for example, the number of times the ad is viewed, where the ads appear, at what time of day/night they are viewed, etc.

It may also occur that some cookies used on this Website are not related to Sherry Academy - Aula del Jerez. This is due to the fact that some Websites have inserted content originating in Third-Party Websites, and therefore, due to this, Sherry Academy - Aula del Jerez does not control the configuration of these third-party cookies. Should the user wish to change his/her preferences and readjust cookie management on his/her device, the user should consult the Third-Party’s Website to obtain information about how to do this.


At any given time, the user may block or eliminate cookies from this Website that are installed on his/her device by managing the browser options available to users.

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If the User decides not to allow cookies to be installed on his/her browser, this may prevent the user from accessing certain sections of our Website or may prevent its proper functioning.

Lastly, if you wish to have greater control over the installation of cookies on your device, you can install programmes or complements on your browser known as “Do Not Track” tools, which allow you to choose the type of cookies you wish to allow.

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This website uses own and third-party cookies to measure visits and sources of web traffic. The legal bases are the user's consent, except in the case of technical cookies, which are essential to navigate in this website. The owner of the website, responsible for the treatment of cookies, and their contact details are accessible in the Legal Notice. Please click on “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE” if you wish to accept all cookies. If you want to choose which cookies to accept or reject all, click on “COOKIE OPTIONS”.

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